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Huntsville Times
The Betty Wilson case was very high profile meaning it attracted the news media nation wide. The only thing she did wrong was to have some "old dirty laundry" in her closet. She was tried by the "Kings of Crap", the ambitious news media and a corrupt political/judicial system.

Peggy Lowe, Betty's Fraternal Twin Sister
Peggy Lowe (pictured) and Betty Wilson, fraternal twin sisters, were arrested and tried for hiring James White to kill Betty's wealthy husband, Dr. Jack Wilson. Betty was tried first and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. Peggy was tried and ACQUITTED. HOW COULD ONE BE FOUND GUILTY AND THE OTHER FOUND INNOCENT?

James White Convicted Killer
James White, the State's only witness and convicted killer, has repeatedly stated he was coerced by the prosecution to testify against the twin sisters or go to the electric chair, that he lied about either sister having anything to do with the doctor's death and that he did not kill Dr. Wilson.

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  Dr. Jack Wilson
Dr. Jack Wilson was a 55 year old eye doctor, very successful, well-known and well loved in the community. The only person who had a motive to kill the doctor was a son from a former marriage who had been disinherited. This son was very violent and a known user of drugs.

Betty's BMW
James White testified that Betty had picked him up at the mall parking lot to take him to do the dastardly deed and had later picked him up to return him to his pickup which had mysteriously gotten from the mall parking lot to a hotel parking lot. The Huntsville Police Department could find NOT ONE SHRED of evidence that White had been in her BMW.

Betty's Lover
Why did D.A. Jimmy Fry call this man to testify at Betty's trial when he had no knowledge whatsoever of this murder?

Dr. Sperry
Dr. Kris Sperry, Atlanta's Deputy Medical Examiner, who testified at Peggy's trial, stated, ...and as someone is being struck with a blunt instrument to cause lacerations like this there's going to be a spray of blood that is not only spraying when the instrument strikes the head, strikes the arm but also when the instrument is raised back, there is going to be a spray pattern that will go upward on the wall and onto the ceiling and I was really struck by the fact that I could not really ascertain any significant spray pattern at all. Looking at the injuries that Dr. Wilson had, I felt that the injury pattern, that is the lacerations and fractures beneath these lacerations were not of the type that would typically be caused by a baseball bat. Baseball bats cause crushing injuries of the head and will actually crush in the bones of the skull just like an egg was being crushed." The linear patterns of the wounds to Dr. Wilson scalp lead Dr. Sperry to conclude that it was more likely a fireplace poker that was used on Jack Wilson. This would also explain the puncture wound found on Dr. Wilson's shoulder.

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D.A. Jimmy Fry
D.A. Jimmy Fry, Betty's prosecuting attorney, was asked, "Was there any forensic evidence that would have convicted her? He replied, "I couldn't say there was any forensic evidence connecting her to the actual murder. When asked, "How did you characterize Betty Wilson? He replied, "I characterized her as a woman who had a BMW and a Mercedes, a closet full of furs but never had enough. She wanted it all and she wanted it right now and that was our theory of the case." Mr. Fry has also stated, "Prosecutors don't like to make deals with the devil but it happens, happens frequently..." A life insurance policy on Dr. Wilson for one million dollars was found on the night stand in Betty's bedroom. All it required was her signature and social security. This policy was never introduced by her defense. Perhaps the prosecution withheld it.

Donald Valeska, Peggy's prosecuting attorney, stated, "It didn't make a damn how Dr. Wilson got killed. The question was who did it and James White admitted to doing it whether he stomped him, beat him with a bat, beat him with a stick but that's the type of bull that experts try and sell to juries. What killed Dr. Wilson was not the issue. The issue was did Betty Wilson and Peggy Lowe conspire with James White to kill Jack Wilson and Sperry brings in this photograph of something that happened in a book and shows the jury and says, "Oh, it couldn't have been a bat." What difference does it make? Dr. Wilson was beaten to death." D. A. Jimmy Fry declined the offer to prosecute Peggy. She was fortunate to have Dr. Kris Sperry testify for her and Valeska to prosecute her.

Betty Wilson
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Betty Wilson
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In May of 1992, Betty Wilson and Peggy Lowe, twin sisters, were arrested and tried for supposedly hiring James White to kill Betty Wilson’s wealthy, well-known and well-liked husband, Dr. Jack Wilson who was brutally murdered in Huntsville, Alabama. There was no physical evidence connecting either sister to the murder. The only thing the State of Alabama had to convict either of them was the testimony of James White, a known alcoholic, drug addict and a diagnosed delusional schizophrenic who spent time in and out of jail and mental institutions. He was dishonorably discharged from the U. S. Army for stabbing an officer and shooting at his own men. He has never stated under oath or otherwise that he killed Dr. Wilson.

There is documented proof that the State of Alabama had made a statement that without White’s testimony there was no case against either of the sisters. The State possesses seven different statements from White concerning the murder, none of which agree. White has stated he was coerced by the prosecution to testify against the sisters or go to the electric chair for capital murder. White was not tried until he testified at both sisters trials and was sentenced to life with a chance of parole. Peggy Lowe was acquitted. Betty Wilson was convicted and sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison with no chance of parole.


Two sisters tried for the same crime.

No physical evidence connecting either of them to the murder. Forensic evidence presented at Peggy Lowe’s trial proved that Dr. Wilson could have been killed elsewhere and White had an accomplice.

The only witness, who was not fit to testify against anyone, made a deal with the prosecution rather than face the electric chair.

One sister was acquitted.

One sister sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.


Betty Wilson’s case was very high profile attracting a multitude of media attention. It was an election year. The prosecuting district attorney needed a conviction of this magnitude to further his political career.

Dr. Wilson was killed on a Friday. On Sunday Betty was asked to meet with a detective. He questioned her about her whereabouts on the day of the murder. He asked for a list of people who had access to their home or might have worked there. He asked her if she had any affairs and wanted their names. She gave them to him except one.

On Tuesday Betty’s husband was buried. Around 8:00 p.m. she was picked up and taken in for more questions. During this session the name of the omitted lover was divulged, a married black man who worked for the city. The detectives’ questioning was harsh and accusatory. (Just doing their job.) They accused her and her sister, Peggy, of hiring James White to kill Betty’s wealthy husband. They said White was in the next room and had given a complete confession implicating her and her sister. They said they also had Peggy and she had confessed which Betty knew was not true because there was nothing to confess! Betty asked one of the detectives if she needed a lawyer. He said, "NO! NOT YET!" He left the room for awhile and returned with a telephone book which he tossed into her lap and said, "If you think you need a lawyer, call one." Around midnight she and Peggy were returned to the home of another sister where Betty had been staying. It is not clear when Betty received her MIRANDA rights.

The next day James White, Betty Wilson and Peggy Lowe were arrested.

Peggy was released on bail. Betty was denied bail for fear that because of her wealth she would leave the country even though all of her assets had been frozen. For nine and one half months prior to her hearing she was confined to a cell used for solitary confinement. The bed took up most of the cell. She had no privacy whether she was eating, sleeping or using the toilet. Her lawyers had to meet with her in this cell. When her family visited with her, they had to look and attempt to talk to her through the small glass window in this cell. One day a male, as on other occasions, peered through the small window in her cell and told her he just wanted to see what a rich bitch who had slept with a nigger looked like. She was treated like a hardcore criminal who was a threat to society. James White, the State’s star witness and only witness, became the jailhouse mascot.

White testified Betty had picked him up at a mall parking lot to drive him to her home to kill her husband and returned later to pick him up to take him back to the mall parking lot. There was not one shred of forensic evidence to prove White had ever been in her car. This in itself should have been proof enough that White was lying under oath. White lied 58 times in his testimony against Betty Wilson. So why was she convicted and her sister acquitted?

Betty was tried in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a city still having a difficult time adjusting to desegregation. The prosecuting DA subpoenaed her former black lover, who had moved to California, to testify at her trial. This man had no knowledge whatsoever about this case. His testimony basically consisted of stating his name and answering "yes" to the question, "Did you have an affair with Mrs. Wilson?" This was nothing more than a racist tactic!

After eleven hours of deliberation, the jury delivered its guilty verdict and a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole for Betty Wilson, the rich bitch who had affairs.

Peggy Lowe, a first grade school teacher active in her church, was tried a few months later. After one hour of deliberation, the jury acquitted her.

Again, how could two sisters be tried for the same crime, with the same evidence and the same testimony of the likes of James White and one was acquitted and the other sent to prison? Simple. The racist card was tossed into the hat.

A retired detective and forensic expert from Scotland Yard states, "We in the UK have had our share of injustices, but I have to say that none of them were anything like the Wilson case. The Wilson case would never have reached a British or European court of justice because there was not even circumstantial evidence that could have been presented to any court, except in a "Banana Republic"."

Forensic student states, "I'm studying forensic science, and I find the case of Betty Wilson to be utterly chilling. Having seen it on "Forensic Files" (Court TV) today, I could hardly believe I was witnessing such a thing in this day and age. To hear the prosecuting attorney [Donald Valeska] outright state that it did not matter how the man was killed-- when their entire case rests on the idea that they have the killer's confession-- flies in the face of reason. Even a layman could see that the injuries were not consistent with the use of a bat, and even a child could tell you that the scene was too clean for having beaten someone to that extent. There were obvious signs that the body had been moved, and the entire scene looked staged.

......If any of the earnest forensic experts were to see this case, I have little doubt they would be as appalled as I. .... That such a blatant lie-- such an absolutely CLUMSY lie-- can be used to send someone to jail for LIFE is still hard to believe. The entire story screams reversible error.

Retired Criminal Judge states, "...In addition to the conclusion that no one should be convicted solely on the testimony of James White, the most profligate liar I have come across in my 36 years of experience, there are many aspects of the evidence that suggest Betty's innocence. I have never seen a case in which the State proved the defendant's alibi. White testified that the day of the murder, Betty dropped him off at the house of Dr. Wilson at about 3:00 P.M. where he supposedly was to wait upon the doctor's arrival and kill him. After the doctor was murdered, Betty supposedly picked White back up at 5:30 P.M. to take him to his truck. In its exuberance to prove that Betty was at the shopping center where White said he was picked up, the State proved by purchase tickets where she was that afternoon. They proved that Betty could not have dropped him off at that time and be at the stores where she made her purchases at the same time. The time line and its significance are evident from the trial and the closing argument.

White told seven or eight different stories and many facts were in conflict, and more importantly after the Lowe trial made another statement completely recanting every statement that he had previously made. No one has given these facts any credence at all other than the Lowe jury.

Though the state argued and represented to the jury, through White, that Dr. Wilson was killed by 19 blows of a baseball bat (found at the scene), it is absolutely clear that he was hit with a sharp instrument, a long narrow object, manually strangled and stabbed with a knife twice about the time of death. White had no recollection of this. The doctor was found in a pool of blood, with no blood anywhere else in the house, no bloody footprints and more incredibly no blood spatters or no cast off blood on any wall or anywhere in the house."

...I am a conservative person who believes in our system of justice and who has spent most of his adult life upholding our law and the system. However, I believe a grievous error has been made in this case."

In December of 2007 a new book regarding this case was published. For more information click this link Killer for Hire - The Final Chapter of the Alabama Twins Murder Case

Jim Schutze, Author of By Two & Two
Jim Schutze, Author of By Two & Two, stated, "His [White's] early statements were transparent lies. Not only did the police not say to themselves well this guy's a liar and he has a long track record as a psychotic and we shouldn't believe him. Not only did they not do that but they went back and helped him repair his story."

Charlie Hooper
Charlie Hooper, one of Betty's Attorneys, stated "I think Mrs. Wilson was convicted on her personal conduct. She couldn't have been convicted on the evidence. The physical evidence was not there to support it."

David Johnson, Petty's Attorney
David Cromwell Johnson, Peggy's attorney, stated "The whole case rested on a man's testimony. The man is a liar, a child molester, shot his own men in Viet Nam. He's been on psychedelic drugs. He's a drunk. He's a dope addict. He's a cocaine user.... The story that the murderer told didn't make sense. Not only did they not make practical sense. They didn't make scientific sense and I believe that juries like scientific evidence."

Jerry McDaniel, Private Investigator
Jerry McDaniel, Private Investigator, stated, "James Dennison White would have sold his soul to get a good deal and avoid the electric chair. I believe that is exactly what he did."

Mickey Brantley, homicide investigator and part-time Pentecostal preacher, had been harshly questioning Betty for hours when she asked him if she needed a lawyer. He told her, "No, not yet! Later he left the room. When he returned, he threw a telephone book in her lap and told her if she thought she needed a lawyer to call one. Did Betty receive her MIRANDA rights timely?


All of Betty Wilson's appeals have been "rubber stamped" denied. Her only chance of freedom is new evidence. There are people in Alabama and elsewhere who know the truth. Perhaps you are one of them. If you know anything that might help Betty Wilson get a new trial, please click on this link Betty Wilson

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